THE SITUATION: Carving a niche in a market quickly becoming saturated with steak houses was becoming increasingly difficult for Pittsburgh Rare, located inside a hotel lobby.

THE OPPORTUNITY: To make locals and travelers aware of the great food and unmatched atmosphere available at this hidden gem with a message that made them take notice.

THE APPROACH: Ad 1 developed a series of bold ads incorporating the restaurant’s iconic engraved knife and a bright red background to make no mistake that this is a meat-and-potatoes place. One ad highlighted the unique complimentary dessert that is served with every dinner and tied it into enthusiasm for western Pennsylvania. Short, simple and witty copy conveys the down-to-Earth Pittsburgh attitude that the restaurant wanted to project.

THE RESULTS: Ad 1 made the cut, and so did the ad campaign. In fact, the restaurant has become so branded with the knife image that it continues to be featured in a variety of signage and collateral. Dinners served: increased. Clients happy: ditto.
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